LONDON, - British scientists find life gap hot water (hydrothermal) deepest in the world. This discovery utilizing robotic remote-controlled study (ROV) equipped with a camera with high definition images.

This gap is known three years ago in the Cayman Trough, a giant trench between two tectonic plates. One part of that hydrothermal vents at depths Beebe named 4968 meters below sea level.

On the BBC website, on Thursday (21/02/2013), is described, expedition funded by the Natural Environment Research Council using British research vessel James Cook. Lead researcher Jon Copley of the National Oceanography Center said the ROV observations demonstrate the amazing view.

There is life in the gaps "spout" water temperatures over 400 degrees Celsius along the seabed water temperature 4 degrees celsius. Extreme difference is exploited marine animals to live.

Investigators found a white ghost shrimp in the rocks. Hydrothermal vents is an interesting site for research scientists since first discovered in the 1970s. At least, 200 points hydrothermal vents have been known, especially in the South Atlantic Ocean and Aquatic

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