There is a lot of effort to make the smartphone as a productivity device like a PC. The effort comes as more powerful smartphone capabilities and increasingly dependent person with that device.

One smartphone vendor who wants that is BlackBerry. The Canadian company also expects its new mobile phone that can simplify the user's life so no need to carry an additional device.
BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins told ABC television, said the BlackBerry 10 obsessed with a computing center, replacing laptops and tablets. He also spoke about the expectations BlackBerry 10 years.

"We are talking about the mobile computing experience for users. You only need to carry one computing device, then you got the peripherals around and make your life a lot easier than what it should carry tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops in the office had," Heins said as quoted by The Verge, Friday (22/03/2013).

Such an idea is not only considered by Heins and BlackBerry. Some smart phone manufacturers have been thinking the same thing, so that mobile devices that are smaller and lighter, able to replace the role of the computer.

Motorola tried to provide a solution by presenting a Lapdock, a keyboard dock accessory products and resembles a small laptop screen, but not with the processor, memory, or storage media. The smart phone will act as a driving force Lapdock brain, of course with the help of software.

Unfortunately, these products are less acceptable to the market. Motorola Lapdock stopped production in October 2012.

Taiwanese company Asus, offers a different concept in the product line Padfone. This device consists of a smart phone and tablet operating system Android. The function can not be used if the tablet smart phone is not plugged in at the back of the tablet.

Until now Padfone reached the second generation, but these devices can not penetrate a wider market.

From the various efforts, it has not so far be said smartphones could replace PCs completely. However, it seems the smartphone manufacturers will not give up in the near future. Just wait for the next gait.

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