Facebook sent invitations to the media to a launch event on April 4, 2013, at Facebook headquarters, California, United States. After the invitation spread, speculation about what the product will be launched by Facebook began to appear on that date.

There is a lot of effort to make the smartphone as a productivity device like a PC. The effort comes as more powerful smartphone capabilities and increasingly dependent person with that device.

One smartphone vendor who wants that is BlackBerry. The Canadian company also expects its new mobile phone that can simplify the user's life so no need to carry an additional device.

Enchanting. That first impression when I saw the HTC Butterfly. Her whole screen is dark, with a rosy color cast on the back, presenting a promising elegance.

However, design is not just created to pamper the eyes, but also determine the comfort when using these smart mobile phone. She is the entrance to attract anyone.

Smart phone design is really slick. In addition to unsightly, HTC Butterfly has sides ergonomically friendly. There's no corners were jerking the surface of the hand.

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia's Chief Executive Officer, Wednesday, March 20, 2013, Logan said the chip will use Kepler architecture design, which will boost the image quality on mobile phones and tablets.

Cip Logan also uses coded CUDA technology, which is designed for mobile devices. This technology enables the authors to exploit the capabilities of computing applications from components central processing unit and graphics processing units simultaneously.

"Logan has the ability Cip long we want to show to the world," Huang said in a conference session Graphic Processing Unit, which was held two days ago in Santa Barbara, California.

Cip Logan will be mass produced in the next year, though will be launched to the market on a small scale at the end of this year. As a surprise, Huang has not mentioned the name of the device that will use this chip. While chip Parker would follow a year later.

Nvidia has a tradition of using the names of the heroes of the comic for its products, such as Logan, named after the character in X-Men comics, and Parker, the original name of the character Spiderman is Peter Parker.

Samsung officially introduced a new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York, USA, on March 14, 2013 local time.

Fitted with a powerful specification, Samsung arming these products with various applications in terms of new features, such as S Translator, Air Gestures, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, and S Health.

Here are some features of the Galaxy S4 explanation, as quoted by The Verge, Friday (03/15/2013).

Google Now an exclusive application that previously only existed in Android Jelly Bean with similar capabilities in iOS rumored Siri will be available soon on the iPhone & iPad.

This conclusion can be drawn after engadget find promo video on Youtube (video has been withdrawn) that shows the features and capabilities of Google Now on iPhone & iPad. The video has a voice narration with video promo which it demoed earlier android application integration with Google search in the iOS Now.

Perhaps this decision was somewhat odd, for providing superior application that only exists on Android to its biggest competitor sounds very odd. But look in the mirror of the past, I was never hesitate to give an application with features similar to or better than the Android version (eg Google Maps) to iOS.

The reason is because Google never take profit directly from Android. And Google is actually an advertising company, so that the priority is to get the data and information from the user as much as possible in order to deliver relevant ads that do not care whether the origin of the Android, iOS or other OS.