Computer manufacturer Dell in February 2013 plans to acquire all shares owned by the investor so that Dell could again become a private company. However, the move was opposed by investors.

Dell is now trying to ensure that the future of business PCs and notebooks filled with uncertainty. Decline in the demand for PC and notebook is better known as the "Post PC Era" or "Doomsday PC".

History of computers that need to be known in detail. The history begins with the development of computer discovery a man named Charles Babbage. He is a scientist in the world who have much to contribute to human life, especially the development of computers.

The discovery is phenomenal computing machine (Difference Engine No. 1) is one of the most famous discoveries in the history of the computer and is the first automatic calculator as the embryo kompuer. The discovery was made as the inventor Charles Babbage konpur and dubbed the father of the computer.

Here is the history of computers and its development:

1822: Charles Babbage proposed his idea of ​​a tool that can assist humans in performing calculations at a high level of complexity and complex. Machines buatanya unfinished is currently on at the Museum of Science musiumkan London.

1937: Dr. John V Atanasoff and Clifford Berry began making the first electronic digital computer design. They gave the name of the machine is the ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer). ABC engine capabilities are limited only count added and reduction.

1943: In World War 2, An English scientist named Alan Turing designed electronic computers made specifically for the British army. The purpose of making the computer so they can be used to penetrate the German defenses code.

1944: Howard Hathaway Aiken (American) made named Mark I. Is a digital countdown computer first. The computer has a 7.45 feet x 50 feet, with a weight of 35 tons. Mark I have can be used to calculate the probability.

1945: Dr. John von Neumann wrote a concept of data storage. At the time, was an idea.

1946: Dr. John W. Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, jr. make the first large-scale computer, the computer name is ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer). The world also considers these two as the inventor of the digital computer.

often associated with computers. Because the computer is the invention that has changed substantially changed anywhere in the world. Therefore, it could be considered a computer is a flashback of the progress of the technology world. So with any computer, people can do the job more quickly and efficiently.

Indeed, ongoing technological developments. Also did not escape the world of computers, which currently continues to have new innovations. One of these computers to go green theme, and many other innovations. Therefore, more and more technology develops, you need to know how the current technological developments. Therefore, here I will write an article for your technology, which may help you.