Asus Fonepad-Tablet Android 7
Asus released the tablet-sized 7 "Asus Fonepad named at Mobile World Congress 2013. Asus's latest Android tablet has specs that far below the Nexus 7, but luckily Fonepad offers features that are absent in the Nexus 7 as the ability to make phone calls (telephony) and a MicroSD slot.

Specifications Asus Fonepad somewhat unusual because it uses Intel Atom Z2420 processor speed 1.2 GHz with x86 architecture that is commonly used in PCs.

But despite using Intel processors, Info Technology readers who want to buy do not have to worry because this tablet functions like other Android HH. Specs are Fonepad other use PowerVR SGX540 GPU, 1GB RAM, internal storage 8/16GB, 7inchi screen (1280 × 800), 3Mpx & 1.5Mpx camera and 4270 mAh capacity battery that is claimed to last up to 9 hours of use.
"The price of Asus Fonepad" sale starting from 219 euros (2.7 million dollars) for the 8GB model and available in March 2013. As for the availability of Asus Fonepad in Indonesia still has not been announced, but when the mirror on previous experience with Android tablets Asus made ​​previously (Memo Pad), the authors estimate it took 1-2 months for the goods to Indonesia.
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It has long been suspected that one of the causes of the extinction of the dinosaurs is an asteroid hit. The incident occurred during the Tertiary and Creatcous known as the KT event.

Now, geologists find new evidence that what is alleged is true. Geologists analyze the impact crater 180 km wide near the town of Chicxulub, Mexico. A 10 km asteroid impacts that releases energy as much as 100 trillion tons of TNT, billions of times the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs.

The results of the analysis revealed that the collision that formed the Chicxulub crater and the KT event only difference 33,000 years. These results were obtained with high precision radioactive dating techniques, see the proportion of radioactive material in the crater impact.

The fact revealed by this study to update the results of previous research which states that the difference with the KT impact event that formed the Chicxulub is between 300,000 and 180,000 years old.

"We show that the impact and mass extinction occurred coincident in time so that one can be demonstrated with existing dating techniques," said Paul Renne, an expert geokronologi and Berkeley Geochronology Center director in California.

Although the impact and mass extinctions occurred within huddle, asteroid impact can not be said to be the sole cause of extinction. Climate change is happening millions of years in the future also contribute herding animals on the brink of extinction.

"The phenomenon that happened before makes a global ecosystem becomes more sensitive to triggers that are relatively small," Renne said as quoted by LiveScience, Thursday (02/07/2013) ago. This research was published in the journal Science, Friday (02/08/2013).