Google has updated the Google Translate app for Android devices, on Thursday (28/03/2013). This language translator application can now be accessed without an internet connection (offline).

Google Translate on Android offline supports 50 languages​​, including Indonesian. To use it, make sure that you've updated the Google Translate app on Android Market application store Store.

To be able to run offline mode, you first need to download the appropriate language pack. How, go to Google Translate app, click the menu at the top right and select Offline Language.

Well, you just choose the language pack you want to download. This application has been brought English language pack in it.

If you travel to Thailand and did not understand the local language, this application may be helpful in communicating. You live download in Thai and Indonesian languages ​​that both languages ​​can each translate offline.

Offline version of Google Translate is less comprehensive than the online version. However, the offline version is very useful to translate a word or phrase when you are traveling abroad and do not have internet access.

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