Washington.Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis proved that bee venom is capable of destroying the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This research opens new opportunities and expectations prevention and cure HIV / AIDS.

The results were published in the journal Antiviral Therapy. The research describes how the use of bee venom called melittin and nano particle as a carrier to be able to kill the virus in the blood of a great enemy to human.

"We were attacked by the physical character of the HIV virus. Theoretically, there is no way for the virus to adapt. Virus must have a protective coating, the two membranes that protect the virus," said Joshua L Hood, scientists involved in the research.

Melittin has a special way of working in attacking HIV. "Melittin on nano particles fuse with the outer layer of the virus. Melittin forming tiny pores, destroying the protective layer and expose the virus," says Hood told IEEE Spectrum, Wednesday (06/03/2013).

Melittin and nano particles on HIV-specific works. So, do not harm the human body's own cells. Hood complete with protective bumpers nano particles, nano particles on the surface space. Human cells with protective bumpers will not fit this.

With the use of bee venom and nanoparticles, HIV could be eliminated from the human body. This is in contrast to anti-retroviral treatment only prevents HIV reproduction. In other words, bee venom and nanoparticles made ​​of people with HIV / AIDS can be cured.

Looking ahead, bee venom is expected to be used as a vaginal gel composition to prevent HIV infection. Bee venom can be injected through human veins, which makes people with HIV / AIDS can be cured.
Eve Lindstedt
8/11/2016 02:08:14 pm

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