Samsung officially introduced a new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York, USA, on March 14, 2013 local time.

Fitted with a powerful specification, Samsung arming these products with various applications in terms of new features, such as S Translator, Air Gestures, Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, and S Health.

Here are some features of the Galaxy S4 explanation, as quoted by The Verge, Friday (03/15/2013).

1. S Translator

As the name suggests, this feature is able to translate the messages that are contained in the email, SMS, and chat services Chaton. In total, this service supports 10 languages​​.

2. Air Gestures

Such features allow the user to scroll the screen, without having to touch the screen. Simply put the finger is not far away from the screen, swipe your finger, and then the screen will automatically move.

This feature is similar to the one owned by the family of Galaxy Note. The difference is, the user does not need a stylus S Pen to make this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

3. Smart Pause

This feature detects a user's eyes. These features are capable of stopping temporarily (pause) video watched, if a user is looking or look the other way.

4. Smart Scroll

Information about Smart Scroll feature had leaked before officially introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4. Such features allow users to determine where the screen scrolls using only the eyes.

For example, when the user is reading an article and their eyes are on the end, advanced applications will automatically scroll down the screen to display the following paragraphs.
5. S Health

These features will help the user to monitor his health. Galaxy S4 can be connected with a variety of medical devices to monitor weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

S4 Galaxy itself is equipped with a pedometer that can help users to calculate the number of steps each day.

6. Group Play

There are a variety of functions offered by this feature. Users can synchronize songs and photos among fellow users via Galaxy S4 features.

Users can also play multiplayer games, for gaming applications support. At the launch of the product, there are two games that already support this feature, the Gun Bros Asphalt 7 and 2.
7. Dual Camera

Users can record video or take pictures using two cameras simultaneously present in the Galaxy S4.

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