Google decided to shut down Google Reader news reading service on 1 July 2013. This is an act of "clean-up" for Google to focus on its core business.

Google's surprising decision this makes Google Reader users looking for an alternative similar service. This moment is also used by the other news reader service providers, to attract new users to migrate from Google Reader.

Here's an alternative service similar to Google Reader:
1. Feedly

Feedly is likely to be the heir to the throne of Google Reader. Users can simply migrate Google Reader RSS subscriptions that have been held to Feedly. It's so easy, you do not need to insert one of the RSS news portal or blog to Feedly.

Feedly provides a free application for iOS and Android mobile devices, and can be accessed via the web site on a personal computer.

You will be able to categorize web sites and blogs in the folder. Feedly also allow for sharing content to social networks, even send articles to Evernote.

2. Newsblur

Newsblur provides applications for iOS and Android devices. He can also be accessed from the website on a personal computer. Newsblur look much like an email inbox view.

If you wish to use this service for free, then you are only allowed to subscribe 64 news portal website or blog. More than that, you are charged a subscription biayanan 2 U.S. dollars per month.

For Google Reader users who want to move data into Newsblur RSS, can use Google Takeout. Or, it could also take advantage of export / import OPML file located on the Google Reader settings.

3. Flipboard

For users of mobile devices, would have been familiar with Flipboard. This service calls itself "your social magazine."

Flipboard is available for iOS and Android devices. Besides the cool, it gives a sensation like reading a magazine when switching from one page to another. You can also export the data into Flipboard Google Reader.

Unique from Flipboard, you can integrate social networking account to Flipboard, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Google Currents

This one comes from Google's own services. Google Currents is only available for iOS and Android devices, he was not present in the version of the web site on a personal computer. But in the mobile arena, Google Currents is still less popular than Flipboard.

5. Taptu

Taptu also be an alternative. In addition to providing for the iOS and Android apps, Taptu is also available for BlackBerry devices. This is the value in the eyes of BlackBerry users Taptu.

You just choose one of the five above news reader service. All of the above services provide facilities for export and import the data from the Google Reader RSS, or can also use Google Takeout to migration.

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