Centipede animals are arthropods belonging to the class of the Myriapoda Chilopoda and upafilum. Centipede is an animal that has a metameric pair of legs on each body segment. These animals including poisonous animals, and includes nocturnal animals ..
Galapagos Centipede
Scolopendra galapagoensis (Galapagos giant centipede) the largest is 30-40cm length 44-46cm
Habibat deployment: Galapagos Islands Santa Cruz Island, in the coastal region of Ecuador, southern Peru, in the Cook Islands. The black color in the king giant centipede. There was also the discovery of this type of measuring 62cm
Peru Centipede
Scolopendra Caribiaenensis on the island of Curacao, Holland Anttilles has been found up to 41-42cm from wild individuals.
Habitat deployment: the Caribbean island of Trinidad, South America, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, the Amazon River Basin countries and regions

Amazon Centipede
Scolopendra gigantea Robusta (amazon giant centipede) the length of 25-30cm
Habitat deployment: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, the Amazon River Basin countries and regions. Generally, red body, black as an individual, is the result of any difference in the color change, and the other is the actual black people Galapagos giant centipede. Because most convincing is the most widely circulated photo each 44cm long, much larger than the average giant centipede amazon

Puerto Rico Centipede
Sp.cf.crudelis Scolopendra (centipede giant puerto rico) length of 20-25cm
Habitat deployment: in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Haiti and other countries and regions South America

Vietnam centipede
colopendra subspinipes (Vietnam giant centipede) 18-25cm long
Habitat deployment: vietnam rainforest

Pasific Centipede
Dehaani subspinipes Scolopendra (centipede Hastelloy) 16-20cm in length
Habitat deployment: widely in western countries and the Pacific region, many types of centipede, Scolopendra distribution subspinipes as close to the tropics, so the body is greater. In the Solomon Islands region of each length of more than 20cm

China Centipede
Scolopendra subspinipes subspinipes (Chinese red dragon centipede, giant centipedes multi-thorns, Chinese red dragon) long 14-20cm6m
Habitat deployment: Sub-tropical southern China, in the area in china, because the body is dark red, also known as the centipede Ancient Books "Tianlong", coupled with the muscles of the body, called "red dragon", which with Chinese characteristics. Part of the land that is close to tropical islands each of which can reach 20cm

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