One type flash diffuser
A flash diffuser is used to diffuse light from the flash light was good DSLR camera pop-up flash or external. The use of flash light diffuser result will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but rather will spread out, bounce off the ceiling and walls of reflective, thus getting rid of harsh light shadow. It is very useful for portrait photographers, since the shadow of light and harsh shadows will be diffused and turned into a soft glow when the object and prevent the formation of a shadow behind the object.

Flash disffuser various forms and types, there is for the pop-up flash and an external flash to anyone and there that take advantage of the surrounding environment. Pop-up flash diffuser for example using yag soft screen diffuser can be placed directly in front of the pop-up flash. Lambency and soft box is used for external flash and flash mounted on the head. Can use a flash diffuser umbrella, it will usually be to strobis lights. There is also the use of gel taped to the right in flash, the colors also vary depending on the needs. You can also take advantage of the ceiling in the room for a flash diffuser to direct the flash head 45 degrees and above.

Basically any kind of flash diffuser, its function does two things that reflect light toward the light source and will spread the light on the side away from the source. Both of these things have an impact reducing the light intensity. So, in order to have a high light intensity, but still be able to spread out evenly, you may have to increase the light intensity or increasing the number of lights. Now you need to find a balance ascertained lighting with light meter after using flash diffuser, not to light over exposure.


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