One type flash diffuser
A flash diffuser is used to diffuse light from the flash light was good DSLR camera pop-up flash or external. The use of flash light diffuser result will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but rather will spread out, bounce off the ceiling and walls of reflective, thus getting rid of harsh light shadow. It is very useful for portrait photographers, since the shadow of light and harsh shadows will be diffused and turned into a soft glow when the object and prevent the formation of a shadow behind the object.

Flash disffuser various forms and types, there is for the pop-up flash and an external flash to anyone and there that take advantage of the surrounding environment. Pop-up flash diffuser for example using yag soft screen diffuser can be placed directly in front of the pop-up flash. Lambency and soft box is used for external flash and flash mounted on the head. Can use a flash diffuser umbrella, it will usually be to strobis lights. There is also the use of gel taped to the right in flash, the colors also vary depending on the needs. You can also take advantage of the ceiling in the room for a flash diffuser to direct the flash head 45 degrees and above.

Basically any kind of flash diffuser, its function does two things that reflect light toward the light source and will spread the light on the side away from the source. Both of these things have an impact reducing the light intensity. So, in order to have a high light intensity, but still be able to spread out evenly, you may have to increase the light intensity or increasing the number of lights. Now you need to find a balance ascertained lighting with light meter after using flash diffuser, not to light over exposure.

Lens with a focal length of 50mm is popular among photographers for viewing in its focus area is roughly equal to what you see with your own eyes. There is no distortion (curvature resulting from the photos due to the curvature of the lens) such as ultra wide lens and no compression as a telephoto lens. Therefore, a 50mm lens should not be regarded as an "honest" J aka the resulting image through the lens looks similar to what is seen by the eye.

When buying a DSLR camera, most novice photographer will take pictures with the kit lens or standard lens luggage until they will realize how useful a 50mm lens with a wide aperture to produce stunning photos, so a 50mm lens is one of the must-have by photographer.

Here are the reasons why every photographer should have a 50mm lens:

1. Areas of view of the lens is similar to the eye area
Almost all produce some form of lens distortion in images, in contrast to the 50mm lens that minimizes distortion and produce images that the results are almost the same as what is seen by the eye, 50mm lens mimics the human eye view of the area and will be translated into your photo. This is the reason why some people call it sebalagi called "normal lens." When combined with a good photographic techniques, you can produce images that appear to be real with your current actual shooting.

2. Better optical lens
Basically, the photographer has a lot of things into consideration when choosing lenses, including but not limited to; speeds, optical, and price. Optics from a 50mm lens is often much better than the zoom lens at the same price. Prime lens (no zoom lens, only has one focal length) has the fewer moving parts than a zoom lens so that the optical lens manufacturer can use a better (sharper images) and offer lower prices.

3. Reasonably priced 50mm lens
Some 50mm lens has a fairly cheap price as the price for a Canon 50mm f1.8 lens which range in price 800's of thousands (of dollars, check prices). If you want a lens with a higher level of quality, you have to spend millions of dollars more to get it. Lens is a lens that is highly sought after Panasonic / Leica 25mm f1.4 which costs around 8 million's of dollars. In general, the required lens aperture is around f1.8, Canon 50mm f1.8 so fitting for you who have a limited budget but want to produce stunning photos.

Some amazing photos using a 50mm lens:

Canon lens naming rules are not as complex as the Nikon lenses, but if you are still confused by the meaning of the names of the existing Canon lenses on the market, please read the meaning of some common abbreviations used in Canon lenses.

Canon 24-70mm f/4L IS USM and 35mm f / 2 IS USM. Both lenses are EF lenses that can be used in a Canon DSLR camera mapunun crop full frame and equipped with a stabilizer technology for which the notation IS

With the price of new lenses are more expensive, a lot of us who choose to buy a second-hand lens or lens second hand to save money. Former alternative lens is appealing because the price is relatively cheaper and if we can evaluate the quality of a lens is the former then we can get a second-hand lens is still guaranteed quality.

The most delicious practicing macro photography is to buy a macro lens. Macro lens is a lens that is specifically designed to shoot from close range. Although in many previous articles we have discussed how to use the extension tube, reverse ring and close-up filter on the kit lens and a 50mm macro lens cheap to obtain, a special macro lens is the most practical, convenient and quality though not cheap. After all, if you do not want to buy a new lens we can afford in the former condition (see tips on buying second-hand lens).