For humans, sex with corpses is forbidden. However, for Proboscidea Rhinella frog species that live in the Amazon region, necrophilia is something that can not be avoided. In fact, you could say it is recommended if you want to stay afloat.

R Proboscidea is a small frog that resembles a dead leaf. This frog has a brown body with a white stripe pattern.

Competition for this species mating violent. Once the females emerge, males fight each other. The sound of "jarring" a sign of tough competition to get females. This phenomenon is often called the explosive competition breeding.

So hard, trying to get rid of the stud males are ready to mate with other females. Quite often, females under males removed died of exhaustion or drowning.

Logically, when the female dies, the two males will stop fighting and leave the bitch. However, for this species, death of a spouse does not prevent reproductive desires. Males will extract the eggs from the females die and fertilize it.

National Geographic reported last February, a phenomenon called "functional necrophilia" was invented by Thiago Izzo from the National Institute of Amazonian Research in Brazil through research.

Izzo to make observations on the explosive breeding at Adolfo Ducke Forest Reserve in Brasilia 2001 to 2005. First, he found 100 males and 20 females died. Second, 50 males and 5 females died. When dissecting the female, Izzo could not find her eggs.

Izzo then realized the marriage with the dead when males encountered females grasping and trying to pull out the eggs.

According to Izzo, the phenomenon is encountered many times. Males encourage females who have died so that "prey" not taken other males. Fertilized eggs that come out soon. Izzo found that embryos could really thrive.

The phenomenon of animal carcasses to marry is not the first time encountered. However, only this time with a dead marriage can be said to have a function.

Previously, the behavior of ever marrying carcasses found in wild ducks. Wild duck sex fuck the dead. Then, there are the findings of male penguins who love to marry a dead female penguin. However, the fact is, it can be said that the behavior was a "mistake".

On this kind of R Proboscidea, necrophilia is "necessary". The number of male frogs far more than females. Research published in the Journal of Natural History.

National Geographic News


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