TEMPO.CO, Texas - American Airlines has 33 thousand tablets. The figure was the largest deployment in the enterprise. Of that amount, 23 thousand tablets from Samsung, not Apple.

American bought 17 thousand Galaxy Notes last fall. The idea of ​​buying phablet it is to equip every flight attendant with a device that gives them access to the latest flight information and other customer information services.

The choice was interesting, given previous American already has iPads. Pilot American uses 10 thousand iPads in the cockpit. American also briefly considered using the iPad for a stewardess.

One reason Samsung is winning because they have tried hard to lure corporate customers with programs like Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE). SAFE add security and management features for all devices Samsung Galaxy.

Lisa Canada, Managing Director of Technology Operations of American Airlines, said this year the company launched the tablet Samsung Galaxy Note for flight attendants. "They'll use it to access information such as customer preferences and gate connections to better serve tourists," he told Business Insider, last weekend.

In addition to flight attendants, maintenance technicians also use the Galaxy Tab, as a tool to solve the problem of the plane. To business class customers, the company offers the Samsung Galaxy Tab for premium entertainment experience.

According to Lisa, the reason the company chose Samsung, because after months of testing, the company felt the Samsung tablet is best suited for the corporate environment. In addition the company can make adjustments to fit the needs.

Lisa added that the company's priority is to make customer service easier and seintuitif possible. Consider other techno news here.


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