This month or more precisely on 14 March, Samsung plans to introduce the new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV.

Ahead of the official announcement later, the exciting news about the smartphone's back in circulation. Where, according to a news reported by The New York Times, noted that the Galaxy S IV will have a very exciting new feature, namely Scrolling Eye.

The New York Times that claims to have leaked the relevant features of a person who has tried Galaxy S IV, states that eye-tracking technology in smartphones that will allow users to do the 'scroll' page without having to touch or tilt the device, the page will be automatic scrolling when the user's eyes move to the bottom of the page.

Unfortunately, the anonymous source had not explained what kind of technology is used to make the 'eye tracking'. While it does feature will be demonstrated at the launch of the Galaxy S IV is not mentioned further. Sources referred to as Samsung's employees, just to say that overall, the software features will exceed the importance of the smartphone's hardware.

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