Samsung officially introduced a new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York, U.S., on Thursday (03/14/2013).

Various reactions were emerging, after the realization of new products on display. One of them came from rival Samsung, HTC.

In an interview with Business Insider, the leader of HTC for North America Mike Woodward quipped that Samsung's decision not to present a new design on the product Galaxy S4.

"Design (Galaxy S4) was very repetitive. Products are very similar to the Galaxy S III. We are happy to see the lack of innovation in terms of design," said Woodland.

Samsung Woodwand also criticized the decision to bring a wealth of new features on the Galaxy S4. According to these features just a mere gimmick and users may not be interested in this new service.

In the interview, conceded defeat Woodwand HTC from Samsung. However, this defeat did not come from the innovation in products, but in terms of budget for marketing activities. With a large budget, it is believed that Samsung can make good hype for the Galaxy S4

"I think, Samsung tried to overwhelm us with the money and marketing, and will encourage a variety of features," said Woodward.

However, Woodward still optimistic, HTC can be more aggressive in terms of marketing in the future, provided that HTC sold more.

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