Many Things Unique and Unthinkable by everyone. One of these flats Underground Right Under China Road Flyover, I was so unique bunk house was built Right below the main road overpass in china. The distance between the top and the overpass was very close and tight, if calculated to within a few meters from the roof of the house. As a result of this development Ears flat dwellers had cotton stuffed every time before bed due to passing vehicles make noise from the street
Shuikousi flyover is actually first built from the flats, road was built around 1997. The street is 300 meters long Creeper divides the city, And unique flyover is the fastest way to access Longdongbao vehicle. And This is the uniqueness of what happened Population Growth Since Indeed Remarkably China. As so many people in the wake of flats just below the highway. Will jakarta also like this one day?


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