Condoms are used 750 million people around the world to reduce the number of pregnancies and the spread of venereal disease. However, condoms have stagnated in terms of technology development, product condoms no significant progress in the last half century.

To overcome stagnation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is seeking new technologies to condoms, but they did not mention in detail what kind of technology is sought. The Foundation was willing to give an initial investment of 100,000 U.S. dollars, up to 1 million dollars for continued investment.

Foundations founder of Microsoft, said the project is purely for world health. Condoms are the next generation that sought by the foundation, is the condom still help reduce the number of pregnancies, and avert the spread of diseases, including HIV / AIDS.

On the other hand, condoms should also be designed to provide sexual pleasure for men or women who wear them, and can reduce the cost of production.

For those of you who have an idea about the new technology in the condom, it could send a proposal to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. "This hypothesis can be tested, including a plan for how the idea will be tested or validated to produce data that can be interpreted and unambiguous," said one of the requirements that apply, as quoted by Mashable, Monday (03/25/2013).

Samsung officially introduced a new flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York, U.S., on Thursday (03/14/2013).

Various reactions were emerging, after the realization of new products on display. One of them came from rival Samsung, HTC.

In an interview with Business Insider, the leader of HTC for North America Mike Woodward quipped that Samsung's decision not to present a new design on the product Galaxy S4.

"Design (Galaxy S4) was very repetitive. Products are very similar to the Galaxy S III. We are happy to see the lack of innovation in terms of design," said Woodland.

Samsung Woodwand also criticized the decision to bring a wealth of new features on the Galaxy S4. According to these features just a mere gimmick and users may not be interested in this new service.

In the interview, conceded defeat Woodwand HTC from Samsung. However, this defeat did not come from the innovation in products, but in terms of budget for marketing activities. With a large budget, it is believed that Samsung can make good hype for the Galaxy S4

"I think, Samsung tried to overwhelm us with the money and marketing, and will encourage a variety of features," said Woodward.

However, Woodward still optimistic, HTC can be more aggressive in terms of marketing in the future, provided that HTC sold more.

More than 100 million years ago, birds that live in China had wings on their feet. The researchers found evidence of great legs on 11 specimens of fossil birds from China's Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature.

Activist group of hackers (hackers) Anonymous plans to launch an organized attack named # OpIsrael. This is the cyber attacks on Israel that began on 7 April 2013.

Anonymous asks hackers around the world to join in this movement. They had a mission "wipe Israel off the internet."

"Tim hacker decided to unite against Israel as a whole, and Israel must be prepared to be a party that is" deleted "on the Internet.'s Not a hacker, not a team of hackers, but this is a collection of hackers," wrote the group Anonymous.

They say this will be the largest ever cyber attack aimed at a country. Judging from the list of hackers who are willing to join, many from the Middle East region.

Haaretz the Israeli news media reported that the government respond to this threat seriously and prepare the nation cyber defense. Group Director of Online Government recognizes Israel Ofir Ben Avi, # OpIsrael were organized in the last few days.

"What distinguishes this movement with the previous attack, this is actually done by the Anonymous-affiliated group from all over the world are joining forces together," said Ben Avi.

Google announced that Andy Rubin resigned as head of the Android operating system. He was replaced by Sundar Pichai who previously served as senior vice president for Chrome and applications.

In an announcement on the company's official blog, Google CEO Larry Page praised Rubin for this and asked him to continue working. Rubin resigned on personal whim and keep working at Google in a position that has not been determined.

Rubin is co-founder of Android. Together Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White, Rubin built the company Android Inc. in October 2003, which focused on the development of an open mobile operating system (open source). Google acquired Android then worth 50 million U.S. dollars in August 2005.

Rubin has four patents for his inventions, and is believed to have a net worth of 100 million U.S. dollars. He is often called the "Father of Android".

Since dinahkodai Google, Android is growing rapidly and a mobile operating system most widely used in the world. Every day, there are 750 million Android devices activated.

Now, the Android project is under the control of Sundar Pichai, who is also responsible for the Chrome operating system project. Most likely, Pichai will make Android and Chrome are connected
Artist Justin Bieber blame the media who proclaim him in rehab. He was also named in a statement that Lindsay Lohan.

Bieber load through an account statement Instagramnya, Thursday, March 14, 2013. However, Bieber finally delete comments that carries the name Lohan in her account it.

Bieber first post that he remove posts that blame the media is to compare it with LiLo. "For those who are comparing me with Lindsay Lohan. See his 2012 tax return (Lohan)," wrote Bieber. Lindsay Lohan is known to have a high enough tax arrears to the extent that actor Charlie Sheen helps the problem.

In addition, other comments that Bieber is clear, "I grew up every day to be me, while others only see and criticize each day. I think I did the right thing."

Furthermore, after removing all the comments, Bieber and wrote a sweet message to read. "All this is not easy. I get angry sometimes. I'm human. I will make mistakes. I grow and be better than them. But all the love from you guys fight all the negative things," he wrote.

Initial chirp Bieber after he blamed the media is having a tough time after the birthday party-19. At that time she partied in London, and then collapsed on stage during a concert, and he attacked the paparazzi. Of course all this becomes food media directly proclaim Bieber's bizarre behavior.

Bieber admitted tired of all the lies that made the media today. "Saying that I will undergo rehab and how disappointed my family with me. My family is very proud of," he wrote.

He added that if people believe that rehab issues, so they included a fool. According to Bieber, at the age of 19 years, it includes success with 5 albums to be number one and has been around the world. "I get more than I dreamed. I'm 19 years old and it will definitely be scary for some people who think that this is just a start. Batasanku and I know my abilities. I know who I am," he wrote.

However, Bieber said he did not care if people do not believe him. According to Bieber, he wrote it all with a smile on his face and love in her heart. He even mentions that he needs to rehab, then they will know the first time. "I'm a good person with a big heart. And do not think that I deserve all this negative news. I worked hard to get here and it's not going to stop," he wrote again.

TEMPO.CO, Texas - American Airlines has 33 thousand tablets. The figure was the largest deployment in the enterprise. Of that amount, 23 thousand tablets from Samsung, not Apple.

American bought 17 thousand Galaxy Notes last fall. The idea of ​​buying phablet it is to equip every flight attendant with a device that gives them access to the latest flight information and other customer information services.

The choice was interesting, given previous American already has iPads. Pilot American uses 10 thousand iPads in the cockpit. American also briefly considered using the iPad for a stewardess.

One reason Samsung is winning because they have tried hard to lure corporate customers with programs like Samsung for Enterprise (SAFE). SAFE add security and management features for all devices Samsung Galaxy.

Lisa Canada, Managing Director of Technology Operations of American Airlines, said this year the company launched the tablet Samsung Galaxy Note for flight attendants. "They'll use it to access information such as customer preferences and gate connections to better serve tourists," he told Business Insider, last weekend.

In addition to flight attendants, maintenance technicians also use the Galaxy Tab, as a tool to solve the problem of the plane. To business class customers, the company offers the Samsung Galaxy Tab for premium entertainment experience.

According to Lisa, the reason the company chose Samsung, because after months of testing, the company felt the Samsung tablet is best suited for the corporate environment. In addition the company can make adjustments to fit the needs.

Lisa added that the company's priority is to make customer service easier and seintuitif possible. Consider other techno news here.

Many Things Unique and Unthinkable by everyone. One of these flats Underground Right Under China Road Flyover, I was so unique bunk house was built Right below the main road overpass in china. The distance between the top and the overpass was very close and tight, if calculated to within a few meters from the roof of the house. As a result of this development Ears flat dwellers had cotton stuffed every time before bed due to passing vehicles make noise from the street
Shuikousi flyover is actually first built from the flats, road was built around 1997. The street is 300 meters long Creeper divides the city, And unique flyover is the fastest way to access Longdongbao vehicle. And This is the uniqueness of what happened Population Growth Since Indeed Remarkably China. As so many people in the wake of flats just below the highway. Will jakarta also like this one day?

Predator prey relationships and the hardware has been happening since tens of millions of years ago. Not infrequently there is prey 'lucky' to escape from predator attacks are very aggressive.

That fact is revealed from analysis of fossil Edmontosaurus annectens by researchers and paleontologists recently.

Bruce Rothschild, professor of medicine at the University of Kansas along with Robert DePalma, paleontologist at the Palm Beach Museum of Natural History, Florida found a scar on the head dinosaur that lived in the 65 to 67 million years ago.

The wound imprint area of ​​12 x 14 cm on the upper right eye dinosaur that resembles a duck's head shape.

"(Luka) so tough" Rothschild said as quoted by National Geographic, Thursday (28/02/2013). According to him, looked at the head wound is dinosaur old wounds and trauma that may be caused by a predator attack.

From the shape and size, the researchers suspect that the E. annectens was attacked by a Tyrannosaurus rex, but managed to escape.

There is a scar on the skin and bones. Investigators believe the two scars caused by the same attack. "The wound that was big enough for a scar caused by scratches or bites," said Rothschild.

Rothschild and colleagues quite confident with its findings. However, they acknowledged that he expected still to be proven.

Phil Bell, a paleontologist at Pipestone Creek Dinosaur Initiative of which was not involved in this study, expressed a different opinion. He said the relatively small size of the scar to be caused by a predator. He is more confident that the injuries caused by the accident.

Meanwhile, David Burnham, a paleontologist from the University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute said the dinosaur was probably attacked by a T rex.

Burnham argued, if the scar is indeed the attack T. rex, dinosaur he suspects managed to escape thanks to the help of other dinosaurs. E. annectens is a type of dinosaur that lived in groups.

Another hypothesis may be due to T. rex attack when it has not reached the age of majority and reach optimal size. "There's something 'envelop' the case that we do not know," he said.
National Geographic News