More than 100 million years ago, birds that live in China had wings on their feet. The researchers found evidence of great legs on 11 specimens of fossil birds from China's Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature.

Fur shows that birds initially have four wings that may have played a role in the evolution of flight. The scientists reported the research in the journal Science.

Most scientists believe that birds evolved from feathered dinosaurs others. This belief is supported by the discovery of fossils of bird feathers. In 2000, scientists discovered a non-avian dinosaur with feathers located on the arms and legs. Dinosaur called Microraptor, which may be able to fly. In addition, specimens of Archaeopteryx, a transition between modern birds and feathered dinosaurs, showing a faint feather-like structure on their feet.

Now, the legs seen in 11 fossils stored in the museum of the period about 150 million to 100 million years ago. According to the researchers, the stiff bristles are attached directly to the legs of birds, and has a surface area large enough to be aerodynamic.

The researchers also analyzed the feathers of other birds and non-avian dinosaurs. Starting from the fur that covers the whole foot on the dinosaurs to the loss of fur on their feet. And today, modern birds only have wings on their arms.

Is the first bird uses their feet feathers to fly and how birds do it, is debatable. Paleontologist Kevin Padian of the University of California said that the study does not provide evidence that contributed to the flight feathers.

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