Kingdom is one of the forms of government in ancient highly successful prior to the reign of democracy, liberal and other government systems. Kingdoms ruled the region, set the whole life of the people from the economic, cultural, social, political and religious. Here is a list of the greatest empire in the world that debuted in his time:
1. Roman Empire

The kingdom was ruled from 27 BC and ended around the year 476/1453 M because of the civil war. Empire Romari have the type of government controlled territory aristokastik and mainland Europe and around the Mediterranean. The total area of ​​which are owned by the Romans is 6.5 million sq. km. The empire also experienced a change in the system of government from the beginning of the Republic to the Empire after Julius Caesar elected dictator in 44 BC. Changes in the Roman system of government is also due to the outbreak of the War of Actium on 2 September 31 BC.

Until the development in the process of territorial expansion, Roman gold peaked after shaped Empire during Emperor Trajan. The Roman Empire was not even in power yet its influence on some of the world's civilization pretty big. For example, in terms of rule of law and the system of government in some countries, the architectural style and grammar is also widely used in various parts of the world, especially Europe. Many also philosopher born during the Roman Empire and the rise of religious ideologies in the world due to the Roman influence.

2. Kingdom of Persia

The Persian empire was a witness of ancient Iranian civilization developed from the Median empire. The kingdom is ruled in 550 BC-330 BC, controlled most of the Arab land. The kingdom is also known as the Medo-Persian empire because it is a combination of the previous kingdom. In its heyday, the Kingdom of preparation had mastered covering eight million square km with the region: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, the Black Sea region, Northern Arabia, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Egypt Ancient to enter some region in Central Asia and Asia Minor.

Historically, the Persian Empire and the Kingdom of Yunan hostile to Greco-Persian wars broke out. The war was intended to anticipate the slaves of the Jews taken prisoner by the Babylonians. This war also caused civilizations use the same language in the Persian region. The Persian empire began to crumble and disintegrate in 330 BC since being attacked by Alexander III of Macedonia nation then the Persian Empire and the Seleucid kingdom broke into Ptolemaic kingdom (Egypt).

3. Kingdom of Turkish (Ottoman)
Derived from the descendants of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman is an Islamic empire in power since 1 November 1299 and ends on July 24, 1924. At the time, many royal against Byzantie and do a lot of expansion into areas to master. The kingdom is occupied almost three continents of Asia, Europe and Africa by providing a lot of influence on the civilization of the West Asia region, East Asia, the region of Southeast Europe, the Caucasus Mountains region and parts of North Africa

The kingdom is the long-ruling around 7 century by the frequent change of leadership is the reign of Uthman I, Orkhan, Murad I, Bayazid I, Muhammad I, Murad II, Muhammad al-Fatih, Salim I, Sumailan al-Qanuni, Salimm II, Murad III , Muhammad III, Ahmad I, Mustafa I, Usman II, Murad IV, Ibrahim, Mustafa III, and the last abd al-Hamid before declining. Ottoman Empire was very tolerant of people than Islam ie Christians and Jews.

Kingdom began to decline since a lot of the uprising until the 19th century and the 20th, and eventually collapsed Turkish Empire and established the Republic of Turkey as the successor.

4. Kingdom of England
The United Kingdom is already established in the year 1000 AD, but still a little kingdom in the region of England and Scotland. After going through many struggles and eventual development in 1707, England and Scotland merged into a kingdom called "Kingdom of Great Britain". Then followed the merged areas of Ireland in 1801. British Empire reached the peak of leadership in the British Empire and controlled a quarter of the world. Unfortunately, the Irish again broke away and formed the State "Irish Free State" with a law still on the British Empire.

Since the outbreak of World War II until later, British Commonwealth had power sharing, which until now under the leadership of Queen Elizabeth III had 15 countries Pesemakmuran British Empire. Historically the UK has managed to master an area of ​​33.7 million km2, and has the world's strongest military bases.

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