Character Body size (76 cm).
Males: All-black fur, white patches on the hull sides and bottom of the wing base. Pouch red beak.
Females: black fur. Brownish head. White patches on the belly. Little white spot at the base of the wing.
Teens: Body brownish black. Head, neck, chest, stomach side red white and brown.
Iris brown, gray beak, legs dark red. Life in the sea, soaring above the surface following the hot air, following the fish group. Sometimes flying fast and low over the sea with a heavy beating. Capture prey in the sea without landing. Sometimes resting perched on poles or trees on small islands.
Food: fish and other animal body parts, dead or alive.

Habitat Sea Coast.

Deployment Breeding: Cocos Rivet, P. Christmas, Australia.
Tropical oceans.

Local Deployment Tambaksari, Sayung, Demak: wetland areas. Status Guest.
Very small amount and frequency is very rare.
Rating encounter: (5) very difficult.


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