Character Body size (84 cm).
Water birds such as pecuk with very long and slender neck. Small narrow head. Head and neck brown, no white chin stripe along the neck. Other parts blackish fur, fur cover soft white with a black edge.
Iris brown, yellowish brown beak, gray legs. Being able to dive in the long term. Able to reduce buoyancy, which looks just the head alone time swimming. Feathers absorb water, flapping wings and running on the water while flying. Perched long to dry hair. Gathered in groups on the bare tree.
Food: Fish. Nesting in colonies with other water birds. Nest is a pile of twigs in tall trees near the beach.
Eggs are whitish, the number of items 2-4.
Breeding months of December to March, March to June.

Habitat In the vast puddles, lakes, large rivers.
Spread to a height of 1400 m above sea level.

Deployment India, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Sunda Large.
Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua.

Local Deployment Wanawisata Penggaron, Ungaran.

Status Guest. Approaching endangered (Near Threatened).
Very small amount and frequency is very rare.

Rating encounter: (5) very difficult.


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