Character The body is small (45 cm).
Adult: shiny greenish black crown. Long forelock dangling. Black line from the base of the beak down to the eyes and cheeks. The wings and tail are blue-black, glossy green, yellow trimmed. Kemerahjambuan gray belly. White chin.
Females: Fewer smaller than males.
Teens: Brown streaked painted with white spots.
Iris yellow, black beak, legs greenish. Sitting still ditepian water to grab prey. Foraging alone.
Food: fish, insects, frogs, shrimp, small snakes, larvae. Nesting solitary or small colonies. Nest of a pile of twigs in mangroves or other.
Pale bluish green eggs, the number of items 2-3.
Breeding in March, May, June.

Habitat Beaches, estuaries, coral, vegetation along rivers and lakes, ponds.

Deployment Spread very widely across the world.
Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, Papua.

Local Deployment Whole observatories, Tugu, Semarang: wetland areas.
Tread, Tugu, Semarang: wetland areas.
River East Banjirkanal, Genuk, Semarang: wetland areas.
A. Airport Yani, Semarang: wetland areas.
Tambaksari, Sayung, Demak: wetland areas.

Status Settlers.
Amounts and frequency very often.
Rating encounter: (1) very easy.


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