Character Body of medium size (55 cm).
Brown, black, white. Head white with distinctive black eye stripe. The top most of the brown murky. Short-crested dark can be enforced. Wings long, slender and angular, suitable for diving into water.
Iris yellow, black beak, with sera gray, tarsus bare, gray legs. Mighty predator fish, dive into the water to catch prey, sometimes stayed to soak in a few seconds. Hunting prey from a tree, circling slowly above the water, float or glide at low speed, the wind direction. Prey taken to a new perch eaten.
Food: Fish. Large nest in a pile of branches of tall trees, used for many years.
White eggs with reddish brown marks, number 2 grains. Habitat Lakes, swamps, rivers, beaches, farms.

Deployment Widespread throughout the world.

Local Deployment Whole observatories, Tugu, Semarang: wetland areas.
Tambaksari, Sayung, Demak: wetland areas.
Rawapening, Ambarawa: wetland areas.

Status Migrants. CITES II.
Very small amount and frequency is very rare.
Rating encounter: (5) very difficult.


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