Character The body is small (45 cm).
Breeding: head, chest deep yellow. Backs almost black. Other upper body streaked brown paper. Lower body white. When flying wings contrasting strongly with the black backs.
Not breeding and adolescents: streaked brown paper.
Iris yellow, yellow beak, beak tip black, opaque green legs. Live alone or in groups dispersed. Stand still with a low body position, head drawn, waiting for prey.
Every afternoon fly to a place of rest, with flapping slowly, in pairs or threes.
Food: fish, frogs, aquatic insects, tadpoles. Nesting in colonies with other water birds. Nest of twigs on a branch or a pile of leaves on a tree branch above the water.
Pale blue-green eggs, the number of items 2-3.
Breeding months of December to May, from January to August.

Habitat Rice paddies, swamps, ponds, mud beaches, mangrove.

Deployment Peninsular Malaysia, Indochina, the Sunda.
Sumatra, Borneo, Java, Bali, Sulawesi.

Local Deployment Spread over many wetland areas:
Tembalang, Semarang.
Tread, monument, Semarang.
Whole observatories, monument, Semarang.
Kreo, Gunungpati, Semarang.
A. Airport Yani, Semarang.
Kaliwungu, Kendal.
Sayung, Demak.
Rawapening, Ambarawa.

Status Settlers.
Quantities and frequencies very often.
Rating encounter: (1) very easy.


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