Indonesia Name: Nuri kepala Hitam
Common Name : Black Caped Lory
Latin Name: Lorius lory

Bird parrot is a bird species of the most brilliant color of their feathers among members of the parrot. The colors of feathers that owned such as red, blue, yellow and green, and black are very striking. Having a body length of 30-50 cm. His eyes are yellow, brownish yellow beak. Specific characteristics warana fur on the top of the head is black. At the tip of his tongue like organ found threads of fine and short that serves to help eat the grain and get pollen.

Behavior: In its natural habitat, these birds live in groups, either being perched, flying and looking for food. Preferred perch in the tree canopy that opens to the outside. Sound conceited to be issued, both are flying and was perched, but was eating.

Reproduction: Birds Nuri females lay eggs 3-4 items, placed in the nest, the eggs incubated alternately between the male and female parent.

Feed: The types of bird feed preferred form of fruits, seeds, flowers, pollen, honey, insects and insect larvae.

Habitat: tropical forest, wooded, savanna. Spread in Maluku and Papua.


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