Birds Cendrawasih which is a typical bird of Papua, especially the males, have beautiful feathers like an angel coming down from heaven (heaven). Matchless beauty of Cendrawasih feathers.

Birds Cendrawasih is a collection of bird species are grouped in families Paradisaeidae. The bird is only found in eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia's east and consists of 14 genera and about 43 species. The 30's of species of which can be found in Indonesia.

In Papua, birds of paradise is believed to be the incarnation of an angel from heaven. This bird was once considered a beautiful bird but no legs. They will not turung to the ground but just being in the air just because beautiful feathers. Since then Cenderawasih bird known as Bird of Paradise or Birds of Paradise (Heaven).

Description and characteristics of Paradise
Birds of paradise feathers have a beautiful characteristic possessed by male birds. Generally brightly colored feathers with a combination of multiple colors like black, brown, red, orange, yellow, white, blue, green and purple.

Size Cenderawasih bird diversity. Ranging from the size of 15 cm with a weight of 50 grams as the type Cendrawasih King (Cicinnurus regius), up to a size of 110 cm Cendrawasih Part Sabit Black (Epimachus albertisi) or weighing up to 430 grams as in Cendrawasih Manukod Jambul-rolled (Manucodia comrii ).

The beauty of the male Cendrawasih feathers used to attract the opposite sex. To 'seduce' the female to be willing to be invited mating, males will show off their feathers by performing dances beautifully. While singing in the branches, swaying with the movement of males in different directions. In fact, sometimes up hanging upside down resting on the limb. However, each species of Cendrawasih must have its own type of dances.

Bird Cendrawasih has a dense forest habitat is generally in the low-lying areas. Bird of paradise can be found on several islands in eastern Indonesia such as Maluku and Papua. It can also be found in Papua New Guinea and East Australian.

Types of Birds of Paradise. Cenrawasih consists of 13 genus has about 43 species (kinds). Indonesia is a country with the highest number of species of Cendrawasih. Estimated to be about 30 species of Cendrawasih can be found in Indonesia. And 28 species of which live on the island of Papua.

Some kind Cendrawasih located in Indonesia include:
     Cendrawasih Crow (Lycocorax pyrrhopterus), endemic to the Moluccas.
     Cendrawasih Flag (Pteridophora Alberti); Papua
     Cendrawasih collar (Lophorina superba); Papua
     Part-sickle Cendrawasih kurikuri (Epimachus fastuosus); Papua.
     Cendrawasih Balding (Cicinnurus respublica); endemic Waigeo island, Raja Ampat.
     Cendrawasih King (Cicinnurus regius); Papua and surrounding islands.
     Cendrawasih Cut Rattan (Cicinnurus magnificus), Papua (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea).
     Angel Halmahera (Semioptera wallacii); endemic to Maluku.
     Cendrawasih Dead Wire (Seleucidis melanoleuca); Papua.
     Small Yellow Cendrawasih (Paradisaea minor), Papua (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea).
     Big Yellow Cendrawasih (Paradisaea apoda); Papua (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea).
     Cendrawasih Raggiana (Paradisaea raggiana); Papua (Indonesia and Papua New Guinea).
     Red Cendrawasih (Paradisaea rubra), endemic to the island Waigeo, Indonesia.
     Toowa Shining (Ptiloris magnificus), Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Australia.
     Manukodia Glossy (Manucodia ater), Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.
     Paradigala tail-length (Paradigalla carunculata); Papua.
     Astrapia Arfak (Astrapia nigra), endemic to Papua, Indonesia.
     Parotia Arfak (Parotia sefilata); endemic Papua, Indonesia.
     Pale-billed Sicklebill (Drepanornis bruijnii), Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Unfortunately Paradise bird populations are increasingly threatened and endangered due to poaching and illegal trade continues.

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