Size is rather small (50 cm). Reddish brown, black, and white, with a short crest. Adults: crown, cheeks, and lower body blackish; brown tail with a thick black line and a white tip.
Chin, throat, and chest black and white streaked; side of the body, abdomen, thighs, and under tail reddish brown with black streaks stomach. At the time flying round pale spots visible on the base of the primary feathers. Teens: upper body dark brown with black spots on the eyes. Eyebrow and lower body putihan.Iris whitish red, half black, and yellow legs sera.

High cry "cirrep", preceded by initial tones are high. Also shouts high "kliu".

Global deployment:
Southern India, Himalay, southeast Asia, the Philippines, Sulawesi and the Great Sunda.

Local spread:
Occupants are not common in the forest to a height of 1500 m in the Great Sunda.

Inhabit the forest at the edge of the forest, seen spinning or gliding low over the trees. Fly around teretori, fast attack prey on the ground or in the canopy of trees, similar to the Peregrine Falcon.

Eat birds including pheasant and pigeon. Among other mammals also eat squirrels.

Breeding season from December to March in South Asia. Large nest built by a pair of parent in the highest canopy trees in a dense forest. 1 egg are incubated alternately by parent, very aggressive in defending the nest when there is a bully.


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