Soursop (Annona muricata Linn) is a close relative with srikaya. Soursop plants originated from tropical America, namely Peru, Mexico and Argentina. In the place of origin, soursop fruit is an important and prestigious. This fruit is one of the first fruit trees in the introduction to the world long after Columbus discovered America. Then the Spaniards brought to the Philippines soursop, and proved this plant can be grown in most tropical countries, including Indonesia. These plants grow up in Indonesia, from the lowlands to an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level.
The word comes from the Dutch word soursop "Zuurzak" meaning sour sac. In Malaysia, soursop called durian Dutch (Dutch Duricun). Another name for soursop is Corossol / cachiman epincux (France), Srnirrapfei (Germany), Guanabana / Zapote Agrio (Spain), Thu-rian-rhaek (Thailand), Seetha (Tamil), Gunyctbano (Philippines), Ciguofan Lizhi (China) , Togebanreishi (Japan), and seremania (Fiji). In English, the fruit is known as soursop Soursop because it tastes sweet acidity. In Indonesia, soursop plant also called dutch or jackfruit jackfruit across. Plants can adapt and grow well in all areas. However, the plant has not been grown soursop massive, commonly grown in limited perkarangan yard or home.

Since the first, soursop has been known in the world of herbs. The Englishman named Soursop, Graviola fruit of the tree which we call soursop, is a natural cancer cell killer magic to 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Soursop is known that in addition to cure cancer, soursop fruit also acts as anti-cancer, anti fungi (fungi), effective against various types of parasites / worms, lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress, and normalize the nervous system that are less good. One example of how important the existence of Health Sciences Institute is the Institute for the American people the secrets unmasked this Ajab fruit. The facts are astounding: far inland Amazon forest, grow "magic tree", which will change the way you think. Research shows soursop "magic tree" and the fruit can attack cancer cells safely, effectively naturally, without nausea, weight loss, hair loss, as happened in chemotherapy. Protecting the immune system and prevent deadly infections.

Test results of the extract (juice) soursop fruit is effectively selecting the target and kill cancer cells sinister than 12 different types of cancer, including cancers: colon, breast, prostate, lung, and pancreas.

Last year the news of the efficacy of soursop leaves menguncang cancer cells overcome the world. In fact, the reality is soursop leaf efficacy studies have been published in scientific journals at the end out of the 1990s. Soursop leaf study ever conducted by the Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Soelaksono Sastrodihardjo PhD, before it became known as soursop today, soursop has long ago known as an anticancer drug, and farmers usually use soursop seeds to be made as botanical pesticides to kill pests such as Helicoverpa armigera larvae, "

As said by Prof. Dr. Ervizal AM Zuhud MS, and was a founder of the Center for the Study Biofarmaka, Bogor Agricultural University. Soursop is a Central American plant that was introduced at the time of the Dutch East Indies colonial administration by the Dutch and Americans. Then also known as soursop and durian jackfruit dutch dutch because not only is it delicious fruit eaten as a table apart, hereditary societies consume soursop leaves and fruit to nourish the body.

In some areas of the provinces in Indonesia, soursop widely used as a drug to treat and cure various health problems and organ function other than cancer, such as:
- The people of Aceh, for example, eat fruit soursop to tackle hepatitis, while the leaves are used as a cough medicine.
- As with the Sundanese people in general, soursop fruit to lower high blood pressure and its leaves are used to relieve nausea, ulcers and rheumatism.
- For some ethnic Madurese, soursop fruit is commonly used as a reliever medication diarrhea and abdominal pain.
- In Kutai, East Kalimantan, soursop leaf selected to relieve diarrhea. Dayak ethnic communities also consume soursop fruit to relieve nausea.
- In Spain, soursop fruit is known as guanabana fruit efficacious for treating dysentery, acute biliary and urinary stones.

Empirically (real treatment) fruit and soursop leaf works to overcome various diseases. soursop leaf serves to overcome the wounds ulcers, boils, cramps, acne, and hair lice.

According to Lina Mardiana, an herbalist from Yogyakarta prescribe soursop fruit and leaves from the 1980s to some diseases. Lina prescribe especially soursop soursop leaves as a substitute for chemotherapy, some cancer patients are not able to withstand the pain of chemotherapy and the side effects of treatment with chemotherapy and lina suggested using soursop leaves as a natural treatment to kill and eradicate cancer without fear of negative side effects will arise such as chemotherapy.

Additionally lina prescribe soursop leaves for the treatment of other diseases, such as: medicine for intestinal inflammation, throat, indigestion and piles. Lina also revealed that the efficacy of soursop leaves and fruit to eliminate free radicals and cancer cells drain especially to increase stamina patients that are not easily lax.

Based on research and empirical evidence in some cancer patients, soursop leaves as a substitute efficacious chemotherapy. Srsak leaves prescribed dose is 7, 10, 15, 17, 21, or 31 depending on the soursop leaves staidum cancer and the patient's condition.
Example, if a person suffering from cancer, but in a state of weak conditions, and make a potion of soursop leaves as many as 15 pieces and negative effects such as shortness of breath, eat dosage was reduced to 7-10 sheets to produce soursop leaves boiled water.
Here's how to make the recipe with the leaves of the soursop cancer treatment:
a. Cancer for adults
- The necessary ingredients: soursop leaf to taste, salt, and betel leaf.
- Method: Wash the leaves before cooking soursop soursop leaves boiled taste then boiled until boiling, add 4 cups of water, a little salt (tip of a teaspoon / small spoon) and 5 pieces of betel leaf, if using 7-10 soursop leaves, reserving until the remaining 3 cups. Drink while warm, to drink a small cup or 1/2 cup. To make herb soursop leaves for cancer can be customized with soursop leaves what dose required depends on the level of cancer stage.

b. Cancer for children aged 6 years

In children, the immune system is still weak. therefore the dose in the treatment of cancer was not as high as adults. in addition, to improve the stamina necessary added brown sugar and tea powder, as well as cinnamon to add flavor.

- Materials needed: 3-5 pieces soursop leaves, tea powder, salt, palm sugar, cinnamon.

- How to make: Wash bersih3-5 soursop leaves, then boiled with 2 cups water to boil, mix the other ingredients 1/4 small spoon of tea powder, salt tip of a small spoon, palm sugar and 1/2 section cinnamon. cook until boiling and the remaining 1 cup of water. Then drink the potion slowly for 1 days.

c. To megatasi hypertension or high blood pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke, heart failure, and can lead to chronic kidney failure. Changes in lifestyle and diet are the main controls to keep the blood pressure within the normal range and reduce the risk of disease complications derivatives. Here's a simple recipe from the leaves of the soursop to help lower blood pressure:
- Materials needed: 7-10 soursop leaves or adapted to high blood pressure levels suffered, salt, a few bay leaves, young sweet corn dryer.
- Method: Wash material such as soursop leaves, bay leaves, and hair young sweet corn. Then boil 10 pieces soursop leaves, bay leaves and young sweet corn dryers with 4 GEAS IAR and add a little salt roughly the tip of a small spoon, you can add honey to taste and boil until the water remaining to 2-3 cups. Then strain and drink 2 times a day 1 cup.

Other Recipes: soursop leaves boiled with some hair young sweet corn, and drink the potion 2-3 times a day.

7/8/2013 06:20:06 pm

my mother is patient of caner give me fruit of soursop please

10/1/2013 06:01:23 pm

Other Recipes: soursop leaves boiled with some hair young sweet corn, and drink the potion 2-3 times a day.

10/7/2013 11:54:43 am

Need soursop leaves to help friends with cancer. Genuine suppliers please contact me.

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Arshad Wali Mohammad
1/26/2014 05:21:28 am

How many stories have you heard of complete cure of Cancer by this fruit.

3 friends of mine, one from the Philippines who suffered from pancreatic cancer and two from here in the U.S. who had breast cancers. They're all alive and kicking now.
2/28/2014 11:58:59 pm

1/11/2015 09:38:35 pm

this is interesting. i recommend Markizza Soursop juice on Amazon. the taste is just perfect.

2/17/2015 12:06:24 am

thanks, its veru useful info. based on the information I've read both of the books or the Internet, a substance contained in soursop leaves can fight cancer cells without damaging the cells that sehat.berdasarkan information I've read both of the books or the Internet, a substance contained in soursop leaves can fight cancer cells without damaging healthy cells.
In addition, soursop leaves is also beneficial to fight premature aging.

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Karen Walker
2/21/2015 12:44:37 pm

I have a friend that is treating himself for cancer with the soursop leaf tea. He was noting that he is quite light headed after drinking? Have done some searching but can't find any possible answers.
Drinking too fast?
Would it be effecting the blood pressure?

3/2/2015 11:09:57 am

hey as for the lightheadedness...i t lowers your blood careful if yous is somewhat has that effect on me. So does Vit B-1. I try to just drink 1 cup a day or 2 small cups, spread out.

Anna Rodriguez
11/12/2015 08:11:10 am

In the Philippine Language it is called Guyabano. In Cebu it is called Sabana. I'm using guyabano leaves for urinary tract infection and cyst on my left & right breast. Hoping that it will not develop into cancer. But I'm wondering if it will make my blood pressure low too. My iron, MHCH, Alkaline Phosphate were low. Please let me know if it also cause the imbalance of other chemicals in our body. thanks a lot!

12/3/2015 12:51:47 pm

How do i make the powder soursop? Please email me the directions asap....thank u

12/28/2015 07:31:36 pm

thank you

good jobs

abraham ver
1/3/2016 01:29:47 pm

what is bay leaves and young hair corn.

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I have a friend that is treating himself for cancer with the soursop leaf tea. He was noting that he is quite light headed after drinking? Have done some searching but can't find any possible answers.
Drinking too fast?
Would it be effecting the blood pressure?

1/13/2017 01:28:52 pm


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