Mango fruit is one fruit that has thick flesh, sweet, has a large seed, fibrous and yellow and have a mineral that can help refresh our bodies. Mango fruit is one fruit that is very easy to grow in the region - such as in the tropics of Indonesia. In addition to the fresh and sweet fruit, the mango turns out to have a million properties that are good for our health, to treat diseases such as cancer, helps digestion because it is rich in fiber and many more advantages and benefits we can get by eating mangoes this every day.
Savor Mango Fruit For Health
Here are some of the properties of mango fruit is good for health:

     1.Can reduce the risk of cancer.
     2.Helps increase the body weight.
     3.Rich in iron for pregnant women.
     4.Good for anemia.
     5.Helps digestion.
     6.Rich in vitamins needed by the body.
     7.Good for eye health.
     8.Preventing heart disease.
     9.Being able to keep cholesterol levels in the body.
     10.Bain rich in calcium for bones.

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