For those of you who are married men, sex is a necessity that can not be avoided anymore. However, there are times when a person's sexual arousal is decreasing, because some of the causes include psychological distress such as stress, physical exhaustion, lack of sleep, and the wrong diet.

According to Dr. Bambang Sukamto, DMSH of On Clinic. Eating duck eggs can boost sex drive, because it contains good fats and protein. The content helps increase the growth of sperm and testosterone, and are very good at improving sex drive

Medically, duck eggs can even be used as a tool to cure impotence, namely by taking two eggs a day. Even better if taken with honey or herbs, followed by vegetables and foods containing zinc, such tirem and shellfish. Foods containing zinc will help the growth of testosterone and sperm.

However, if the passion is back to normal, just one item a day or four points in a week. And should, choose the village duck eggs because it is still natural, not contaminated by chemicals such as eggs produced by the factory.