Turmeric is a rhizome plant commonly used as cooking ingredients to mix ingredients. However, behind the function which we are familiar, turned out to save the other benefits of turmeric as an ingredient is a natural beauty.

In addition, there are now several products from turmeric extract in the form of a food supplement in capsule form (Vitamin-plus) market and the industry has grown. Dietary supplements are made from raw materials turmeric extract with additives Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, Vitamin E, Lecithin, disintegrator, Mg-stearate, Nepagin and Kolidon 90.

Here are some benefits of turmeric for beauty:

1. Skin heal sunburn

If you often move in the sun and then the skin becomes irritated or burned, apply any turmeric scrub which cools and care so that no trace. In addition, the skin becomes moist, clean and slowly going back to normal.

2. Treating acne

Effectual as an acne medicine, turmeric is also providing a cooling effect and prevent inflammation. Acne becomes dry easily, quickly heal and leave no scars.

3. Natural waxing

Turmeric can reduce hair growth in certain areas such as the arms, underarms, elbows and face. Simply applied as a mask, allowed to dry and then washed clean, the area will be more smooth and clean. The feathers are also suppressed growth so the skin looks smoother.

4. Overcoming skin problems

Mix turmeric powder in coconut oil, then massagekan on the entire body. This will make your skin smoother, clean, fragrant and moist. Naturally, turmeric can overcome the problem of dry skin and skin irritation.

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