Bay Leaf or language latinya Syzygium polyanthum is one type of crop that is usually used as flavorings in cooking, however, it turns out leaf also has good properties, especially for health, because it is believed to cure many diseases, the healers use the leaves is more secure, because we only use natural leaves, safe from harmful chemicals. And here are among the benefits of bay leaves to treat the disease are as follows:

Efficacy leaves for itching
         Take the leaves, bark, wood and roots of taste
         Wash thoroughly concoction
         Mash until smooth concoction
         Paste the potion gets itchy skin
Efficacy sick leaves for Diarrhea
         Wasted 15 leaves were still fresh
         Boil 2 cups ramuah diair until boiling (about 15 minutes).
         Add a little salt.
         Allow to cool
         After the cold filtered water and drink as well grab
 Efficacy leaves for Lowering high cholesterol levels
         Prepare a fresh bay leaf 10-15 pieces
         Wash thoroughly
         Boil these ingredients in 3 cups of water until the water is reduced to one glass
         Allow to cool
         Filter take the water
         Ramuant drink at the same time and do every day
Efficacy sick leaves for Diabetes
         Prepare the 7-15 leaf sheet, which is still fresh
         Wash the leaves thoroughly.
         Boil 3 cups herb diair until reduced to 1 cup
         Allow to cool
         Filter take the water
         Drinking water herb leaves before eating
         Perform menimun concoction twice a day
 Efficacy sick leaves for Ulcer
         Who are the fresh leaves approx 15-20 pieces
         Wash thoroughly
         Boil 1 pint diary for about 15 minutes
         Add the palm sugar
         Allow to cool
         Drink this mixture every day until the pain disappeared in stomach

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