Maintaining liver health is very important, because the liver is one organ that serves to offer the toxins that enter the body. If the liver is damaged, then the function will not be effective. As a result, toxins that enter the body will accumulate and can not be offered.

Well, here are some foods that serve to preserve and maintain heart health. If you want a healthy heart, it often consumes 7 of these foods in your daily menu.

1. green tea
Drink a cup of green tea every day. The content of catechins in it are able to clean up in the liver.

2. Lemon water
In the morning, drink a glass of lemon water to expel toxins from the liver and digestion.

3. Berry and Citrus Fruit
Instead of drinking fruit juice, fresh fruit should enjoy firsthand. Berry and citrus fruit family is suggested snacks as there are many antioxidants contained therein.

4. turmeric
Add turmeric to the cooking soup or broth to help the healing process of liver infection. Because turmeric is an anti-inflammatory agent for the body.

5. Bok choy (Chinese cabbage)
China vegetables, such as bok choy (Chinese cabbage) are other foods that you should not ever consume. Bok choy will help detoxify the toxins that enter the liver.

6. Bitter vegetables
Some bitter foods, such as bitter melon, also healthy heart. Because bitter foods stimulate the production of bile and the liver makes the performance better.

7. garlic
Good news for those who like garlic. Because there is an amino acid called methionine in garlic that help the liver work better and protect it from damage.

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