Benefits of olive oil -1: Reduce Cholesterol Evil (LDL)

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants that can lower LDL cholesterol. Research shows that the types of extra virgin olive oil is the most effective type of lowering LDL. Various research proves very clearly to the fact that olive oil lowers total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol. This is the benefits of olive oil are often in search of people


Benefits of olive oil -2: Prevent Cancer

Parapeneliti stated that the cause of decrease in the ratio of cancer deaths in the Middle White Sea population of the country is due to the food it contains olive oil as the main source of fat.
"Consumption of olive oil can protect the body against a number of other cancers, including colon cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, although the number of studies is still too low." Said Professor Asman (Chairman of the Academy of Studies at the University Monstar Arteriosclerosis, Germany)

Benefits of olive oil - 3: Efficacious withdrawal of milk

Results of research at the University of Barcelona, Spain in February 1996, concluded that most of the fat contained in milk, including a single-chain fats. And the good news is that the same as a well-known type of fat found in olive oil. That's why the benefits of olive oil are very good especially saaat digunkan, because it resembles the fat in milk

Benefits of olive oil - 4: ​​Kill / Expel Head Lice

Use olive oil, it is very effective to kill head lice. As an illustration in a few hours to kill fleas in your head 276. This is why it can be said manfat olive oil to kill head lice is very powerful. And it is based on several studies conducted at several universities and academies in the United States, about head lice.

Benefits of olive oil -5: Reduce Potential emergence Gastric

"Nutrition is contained in olive oil can have a positive effect in protecting the body from gastric cancer and reduce the incidence of peptic ulcer disease" said Dr. Samut, from Harvard University.

Benefits of olive oil - 6: Caring for skin health and beauty

In the field of beauty and skin care, the benefits of olive oil for face is also very good. Most of the benefits of olive oil are used in the form of cream and body lotion. For the face, olive oil can be mixed with a mask or diulaskan directly on the skin .. For facial treatments, beauty products containing olive oil are believed to help retain moisture and elasticity of the skin as well as facilitate the regeneration of the skin, so the skin does not easily dry and wrinkled.

Benefits of olive oil -7: maintain the shape and firmness of breasts

maintain the shape and firmness of breasts. As for the hands and feet, the benefits of olive oil are also very large in terms of reducing the thickened skin on the soles of the feet, to maintain smooth skin and strengthen nails. For health care for the skin on the body as a whole can be applied when taking a shower. Skin body will retain moisture and look more radiant

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