To practice your panning skills, shoot objects moving at normal speeds (people ride motorcycles, for example), use the shutter priority mode and set a maximum shutter speed of 1/30 second, slower is better. Consider your background.
Panning is photographed by a camera moving in the direction of movement of the object to be targeted so that the object will appear to focus while the background looks blurry. Do not be afraid just because there is the word 'engineering' above, here are some practical steps to do panning:

     1. Do not use a tripod, to follow the direction of movement of the object must be able to move the camera smoothly
     2. Set the camera to Shutter Priority mode (S or Tv)
     3. Shutter speed is used for panning was between 1/30 to 1/8, so set the camera between the numbers
     4. Find a moving object that will dipanning (tip: choose a colorful background for panning so that the blur of the background          more interesting)
     5. Point the camera to follow a moving object and push the release button halfway to take focus.
     6. Keep hands move gently as possible, that a sudden movement could startle the photos that resulted unattractive
     7. When our hands are 'in tune' with the motion of an object, push the release button to take exposures
     8. The more practice, the hands and eyes will be more refined!

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