The author has what they call "sound writer". For them, it is the most important thing they need to develop to be a successful writer. For you, as a photographer, you have to learn to develop your own version of "authorial voice" - and that is your photographer's vision.

This article will describe the eight steps that will help you to develop and grow the photographer's vision and allow you to grow into the photographer you would expect.
Step 1: Learning to See

The first thing to keep in mind when developing your photographer's vision is to recognize that your developing skills is your ability to SEE (SEE). Now, many of you may exclaim, "I already know how to look." But looking in this sense, not only the process of looking at it with your eyes.

As a photographer, "seeing" is a mix of "vision" you physically plus "vision" of your mental. It is the ability to see things as they are to you, without the filter of what you think it should. It is the process of merging about everything you think and what you see, and really see the world for what it is. It's not about adding more, but about seeing the "clarity."

Step 2: Look Around You (Observe Your Surroundings)

A good way to practice and improve your ability to see your photographer's vision is to observe things around you. You can do this at any time and without take some extra time, what is needed is a little "attention" extras.

In your daily life, try observing your surroundings. Look at what is in front of you. Ask yourself, "what do I see? What am I looking for?, And then listen to your inner voice, not the voice of your questions, but your silent inner voice - a voice that has the answers.

Step 3: Fascinated With The Ordinary Things

One result of this simple technique is to observe your environment that you will be blown away with everything you see. When you begin to observe your surroundings, you will begin to appreciate the world that you see in front of your eyes. When you begin to appreciate the beauty of the world, you start to see it differently. Suddenly, everything was wonderful. Anything can be art. Everything is alive and flowing with majestic beauty and you, as a photographer, wanted to capture the beauty in your images. A sight not only in the form of mountains and lakes, but the result of a power revolution trillions of years ago that makes life on earth possible. And then you see the simple beauty of a smile, the beauty of a person's eyes, the beauty of trees, flowers. All things are beautiful.

Step 4: Consider the Work That You Admire Photo

A great way to develop your photographer's vision is paying attention to what you like in the works of other photographers that you admire. Ask yourself, "What makes me like the photo? '. Look at the features, characteristics and quality of the photos they have, and then combine these elements into your own.

When you can learn to appreciate the intricacies and details of the work of others, you will begin to appreciate your own.

Step 5: Be Coach For Yourself

Once you have developed a photographic technique and apply it in a photograph, the next step is to become a trainer for yourself to analyze the images you produce. The process of self-analysis will help you to see what you like on your own photos. The things you like, and do you maintain self-development. The things you do not like it, you throw away and do rework.

Step 6: Listen to Your Intuition

Often in the process of reviewing the results of the photo, you'll find a question you can not answer. Often sounds something like: "Do I like this, or do I like it?" "Which is better, this one or that one? '. At this time, you may feel trapped. You may feel your development stops because you can not resolve this dilemma. You are unsure of which direction to take photos.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, the best answer is to "listen to your intuition." Your intuition is the "conscience" who knows all the answers. The best way to listen to your intuition, is to dwell in it.

Step 7: Ask for Input

Another useful way to help you grow and develop your photographic vision, is to ask someone else to think about your photos, or more specifically, ask for opinions from people you admire and percaya.Untuk using appropriate techniques, it is important to remember that their opinion is to help you become better. You can upload your work via social networks like Facebook, and then ask for input from people who have long been in the photography world. The more often you do this technique, the ability of your photographic vision will tend to increase.

Step 8: Practice

All observations, analysis, and criticism would be useless if you do not practice it. At some point, you have to try, do not get caught up in the learning process so as to forget your original goals. Imagine a writer who does not write, he may be the best writer in the world, but if he did not write anything, it would be pointless then?

Photographer's vision can only be used if you make pictures that reflect that vision. Therefore, the most important action that you take as a photographer is to just take pictures.

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