A kind of chameleon eyes Phanter Heuclin portrayed in the forest of Madagascar.
Eyes are organs that are important to living things to see. By using our eyes, we can see different things. In most animals, the eyes not just to see. Their eyes were very beautiful.

Daniel is Heuclin, a professional wildlife photographer, who tried to capture the beauty of the organ of vision possessed various types of reptiles and amphibians tropical dipotretnya from various countries.

The beauty and diversity of the characteristics of the frogs, toads, lizards, and chameleons are shown in the photo Heuclin work evolved through the mechanism of evolution that occurs over millions of years.

Heuclin explained that the reason she collected the photos because he was struck by the differences he found from the eyes of every species he encountered.

"I was fascinated by the unusual beauty of the eyes of these interesting animals. Picture My favorite is the chameleon eye (a type of chameleon). Texture and structure of the existing color palette in a small space makes it so amazing," said 65-year-old French man was.

Here are some photos of the work of Mr Heuclin reported by the Daily Mail on Thursday (03/21/2013).
Vertical slit in the eye gecko Philippines monarch reminiscent cat eyes.
Red eye tree frog typical expression of determination
Pupil Cape Verde Large gecko is contracted, makes it look like a creature from another world

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