Parables, such as this, an Olympic gold medal winning athlete, then a few moments later the medal was revoked because he was caught breaking the rules. Herry photographer Fisch experienced something similar to this when he declared the first prize in the National Geographic photo komtes place to categories and traveling, but in the next 72 hours his title later in disqualification.

Cause Herry disqualified? Herry using the cloning tool in Photoshop to eliminate plastic waste which is on the right side of the picture. See the two photos below, the above is the original image while the photo below is a photo with the cloning tool.
Contest rules specifically mention that the photo processing is permitted only burning (darken) and dodging (make brighter), while eliminating certain object is expressly prohibited.

Actually there are two scenarios that can be done to eliminate the waste Herry without breaking the rules of the contest:

    1. Using crop to crop the image so that the garbage is taken truncated
    2. Doing so burning garbage to be not visible and not using cloning.

In an email to Herry, editor of National Geographic clearly said, "Unfortunately you do not crop the trash, or even let it, because it really does not give effect to waste anything."

Rice has become porridge. A clear lesson to keep in mind is, read and know the rules and obey a photo contest, photo contest, especially if you follow such a prestigious enough.

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