According to Arbain Rambey senior photographer, black and white is not really a color. Black because all colors are too thick and white because all colors are too mixed.

Photographing in color or black and white is not an option. But it is a reason. Not all photos can be black and white and also not all nice photos to be color. Mood of a photo can be more powerful when displayed in black and white in accordance with our aesthetic.

So what are the aesthetics of the black and white photos?
There are several reasons why a photographer to change the picture to black first. The main reason for that is indeed a mood. Mood Strong also only be obtained from the object, and the moment the content of the photo.

The second reason for the simplicity. A photographer wants to focus on direct photo lovers who want photographers to convey a message without having bothered by the striking colors.

The third is as a result of poor photo color. The colors are less attractive in an image can be converted to black and white so that the contents of the image is also strong and a great moment too.

Keep in mind in the digital age now, do not be black and white photographs directly from the camera. Use image processing software to convert color photos to black and white. Besides that we also obtain a color photo, as well as black and white conversion quality directly on camera is still not good.

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